November 29, 2023


Scientists have found the existence of such a power in this world which induces objects to move and mankind to think. This verily is that fount of inspiring force through which the inactive is made active and inert made mobile. The various movements of objects and living beings is possible due to the influence of this power. At the very substratum of all known and unknown areas of this cosmos this very power is active and it is known to make leaders among men. In the eyes of scientists Prana or vital force is the name given to the total potential of the level of inert and conscious objects. Those who look upon objects merely as the be all and end all of life talk about it in the form of gravity, ether, magnet etc. They sometimes depict its higher subtle state too. Scientists who believe in the existence of a separate consciousness call it Psychic Force or Latent Heat.

After researching in an in depth manner with regard to the above principles Rishis of yore experienced it in the form of life force of consciousness. According to their first hand experience the root basis of life is Prana or Vital Force. This verily is the basis of progress in the world. Wealth is bought as per its value. It is the source of psychic powers and glory. This vital force is present in every being in infinite measure. On increasing its magnetic force it can be attained and imbibed in a greater measure than cosmic vital force. Ordinarily this vital force storehouse present in human beings lies in a latent state and it carries out tasks merely to keep the body alive. If it can be activated on the basis of sound scientific meditation extraordinary qualities are known to manifest in the recesses of the soul/psyche.

One could say there is a difference in the all encompassing and depth of research efforts between scientists and Rishis and yet both have accepted the sun to be the root source of Vital Force which is known to spread vibrations of life consciousness in the world. While putting forth their research conclusions in the famous American magazine “New Scientist”, atomic life scientists Dr Francis, Dr Frik and Dr Leslie say that the vibrations of life and Vital Force of the world manifest from the sun. Despite this scientists are unable to enter the very depths of this vital principle. As against this ancient Indian scientists/Rishis have discovered this mysterious vital force wisdom. Based on this if one executes solar worship divine potentials and powers advance further in ones inner personality/psyche.

With reference to the above according to one description available in the Upanishad people like Sukesha, Satyakama, Gargya, Kausalya, Vaidharmi and Kabandhi devoted to the research of Prana Tattva (Vital Force principle) approached Maharshi Pipplad. They had one main question to ask: What exactly is the root source of the vital principle? In a serious tone Maharshi Pipplad answered: Verily the sun is the vital force and moon is Rayi. All that is gross/subtle and with form or formless is Rayi. Hence idol is Rayi. When the sun rises in the east vital force of that direction becomes focused by the sun in its fold. Similarly it accepts it also from other directions. Since it is an enjoyer (Bhokta) it manifests in the form of fire of hunger, cosmic vital force and fire. It is total wisdom manifest and the sun which is the shelter of all vital forces is also the sire of all beings (Prashnopanishad 1/5/8).

The Super Vital Force (Mahaprana) that manifests through the medium of the sun is that portion of Almighty God through which it manages and controls all cosmic activities. The divine resolve of God (Sankapla) to become ‘many from one’ has indeed manifested as Mahaprana. Up to the day this stream flows till that day this world will continue to exist. The day Almighty God cancels this resolve that very moment this Mahaprana will become latent and again apart from the super void nothing will exist. This divine resolve with reference to the Super Vital Force is not some external object apart from the Lord’s Power but is very much a part and parcel of God himself. The Lord is infinite, his power is boundless. A very small portion of this infinite, boundless supra mental power manages/controls this cosmos and maintains activities in a well organized manner. That Mahaprana is verily the soul of the sun and is none other than God Savita. Every living being is directly connected to it.

For the external/internal organization of ones life, for progress and peace it will be ideal for all creatures to imbibe the Lord’s Super Vital Force in as great a measure as possible. This aim can be fulfilled via the medium of Science of Vital Force (Prana) and worship of God Savita (sun). This practice conjoins a spiritual aspirant to the very soul of the sun i.e. Savita Power. In this manner the Almighty Lord helps us imbibe Super Vital Force in good measure so as to experience both material/spiritual bliss and prosperity.

When this great vital force manifests in the human body one can experience good health, long life span, radiance, heat, energy, vigor, vitality, intense activity and power of the sense organs in a wholesome way. When it manifests in our spiritual being it is experienced as renunciation, austerity, faith, trust, compassion, gratefulness, love, discrimination/Viveka etc. When it manifests in the mind it is seen as vigor, vitality, zest, daring, concentration, steadfastness, patience, self control etc. The more these 3 arenas mature with Great Vital Force/Mahaprana the more they become omnipotent from a previous void like state or from smallness to vastness or greatness from pettiness.

In the Vedas/Shrutis the vital force has been looked upon as the Almighty Lord and hence revered deeply:
O vital wind! You are verily Brahman/God…………Rig Veda

My obeisance to that vital force which controls/manages everything, which is the Lord of all and in which all things exist………..Atharva Veda

Vital Force is the causal Lord of the world. Knowledge of Mantras and % sheaths (Koshas) are dependent on the Vital Force……….Brahmopanishad

In this abode of the Lord only Fires of Vital Force burn eternally………Prashnopanishad

In sacred texts like Aranyak and Braahman vital force is called divine intellect, longevity and nectar:
I verily am Divine Intellect in the form of Vital Force. Look upon me as longevity and nectar and meditate thus. As long as the vital force exists, life too will exist in this cosmos. In this world the basis of attaining immortality is vital force………Shankhayan Aranyak

Vital force definitely is nectar………..Shatpath (9/1/2/32).

The 7 Vital Forces are the 7 rishis. The 7 Rishis are thought to be symbols of knowledge, austerities and spiritual prowess. These Rishis subtly dwell within us in the form of 7 Pranas. Through wisdom of vital force and after activating them within, a spiritual aspirant becomes an heir to the storehouse of Divine Rishi Principle.

In the Aitereya Brahmana it is said that a Rishi named Hiranyadan imbibed the nature of vital force and offered worship to it. As a result of this he attained good and profound results. Vital Force is itself a Rishi albeit subtly. The Rishi character of Mantra-Seer Rishis is dependent on their vital force and certainly not on their physical frames. Hence it is described as names of various Rishis. The control of sense organs is called Grutsa. Kamadeva or god of passion is called Mada or arrogance. Both these take place with the help of vital force and hence it is called Grutsamada. The entire arena of Prana is independent and hence it is called Vishwamitra (friend of the world). Since it is revered, served, worshipped and is very great it is called Vamadeva. It saves us from sins and hence is called Atri. It nourishes the body and hence is called Bharadwaja. Since it is the best in the world it is called Vasishtha. In this manner Prana is named after various Rishis.

The 7 Pranas are the 7 Rishis. The 2 ears are Gautam and Bharadwaj. The 2 eyes are Vishwamitra and Jamadagni. The 2 nostrils are Vasishtha and Kashyap. Our speech is Atri. The root source of these 7 Pranas is the Great Vital Force or God Savita. By worshipping it one attains Rishi-hood. Thus glories will decorate and radiate our inner/external personality. This very principle has been explained clearly in various scriptures;
Prana/vital force is sun……..Shatpath (10/4/7/23)

As soon as the sun rises Vital Force Fire spreads in the world…….Prashnopanishad (1/7)

From the sun all beings obtain vital force.

This Prana manifests as omnipresent fire.

In the material world this vital force manifests in all directions as the sun…….Prashnopanishad (1/7)

This sun which is cosmic, omnipresent, substratum of all, radiant, possessing hot rays that are thousands in number, rises as the vital force of all beings………Shatpath

All beings appear from the sun, they are nourished by it and they are gathered in its fold. I (Almighty God) am verily that sun.

The Lord of Gayatri i.e. Savita sun is the center of the life of the entire world. It is also the center of all other Divine Powers. Whatever is found in the 4 Vedas is nothing but a description of solar power. Yogis try to attain it through austerities, faith and worship methods. One can take any name and form based on ones inner inclination. Truly this Savita God is the idol of all. All spiritual aspirants aspire to attain it. Within this sun one finds fire, serpent power/Kundalini Shakti, moon, Gandharva etc. Those who search for the soul through continence/austerity, faith and wisdom and simultaneously attain the sun are never born again. This sun is the abode of vital force. That is the state of liberation and it gives shelter to all beings.

All inert and conscious objects of the world were there in the past too or will appear in the future. All of them appear in the sun and merge in it. The sun verily is Prajapati/creator. It is the womb of all existence and non existence too. It is imperishable, ever lasting and eternal God. It pervades all the 3 worlds. All the demigods are its rays……………Suryopanishad

It is the primordial cause of the entire world and hence is called Aditya (sun). It creates every being and hence is Savita. It negates darkness and hence is called Surya……….Surya Sidhant.

The sun while rising in the east lights up all corners of the west, north, south, upper region, lower region and just about all directions with the help of its rays. The vital force of the entire world is imbibed by its rays………..Prashnopanishad.

I have seen Prana. I have experienced it and this vital force is the protector of all senses. It never gets destroyed. It runs in the body through subtle Yogic nerves (Naadis). It comes and goes through the mouth and nose. It is wind manifest in the body but is in the form of the sun in the cosmos………Aiterya Upanishad

It is through this power that beings move in this world. Great Yogis are given a long life span as a result of its grace. The senses are maintained healthy and zestful because of Prana/vital force. Due to regulation of Prana nerves are sanctified and only then serpent power (Kundalini Shakti) gets awakened/activated……….Goraksha

With reference to this there exists a very great and important science. Through solar worship it can be understood and experienced directly. Super Mantra Gayatri is the mysterious Vital Force science of the sun. It helps activate our vital force in ample measure and its deep import can be imbibed. Whoever activates his/her Prana for him/her there is a profound awakening in all directions. There exists Divine Light everywhere. He whose vital force sleeps too sleeps. If ones vital force is active he is considered truly awake in this world. In front of such an enlightened one that mystery of the cosmos unfolds which is hidden from the sight of lay beings.

Who sleeps? Who is awake? Whosoever’s Prana is awakened verily is awake………Tandya (10/4/4)

That scholar who understands the deep import of Savita’s Prana Science, his lineage is never destroyed. He becomes immortal……….Prashnopanishad (3/11)

The indifference of near and dear ones was more unbearable than the pain of leprosy disease. Samba the leader amongst 7 brave soldiers of Dwarkapuri was in great distress. All forms of remedial cures were proving to be futile. In a defeated manner he approached his father Lord Shri Krishna and said: O revered Sir! My body which is decaying due to a leprosy attack is giving me unbearable pain. With your permission I would like to give up my body. Please allow me to do so.

The great Yogi Shri Krishna after mentally cogitating for a few seconds said: O son! I shall describe the cure for your illness. Do faithfully worship Sun God. This entire world was created by it and later will merge into it. If you wish to overcome your leprosy disease so as to lead a joyous worldly life, surrender your entire being to Sun God.

After accepting this command from his father Samba who was fasting too chanted the solar Mantra incessantly on the banks of River Chandrabhaga situated in a forest area. Sun God, happy with Samba’s devotion, austerities, faithful Japa and eulogies gave him his holy vision (Darshan) and said: O my child! May your body regain good health and may your life become glorified. Samba in a voice quivering with sacred emotions said: O Lord! If you are truly pleased with my devotion give me a boon that whoever fasts on Sundays and chants your sacred Mantra shall obtain all glories of life. Sun God in an emphatic tone said: So be it! This emphatic tone can be heard even today by an aspirant during high flights of profound meditation.

It is beyond doubt that via Savita worship one attains knowledge of vital force, inner awakening, immortality and salvation. As a result both this and the other world get sanctified and transformed. And hence material and spiritual glories are ours for eternity.
-Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

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