November 29, 2023

Vedas and Vedic Knowledge – 2


Studies of mathematical basis of available Vedic literature reveal that 4 and higher dimensional reality was not only known to the Vedic seers rather the great use thereof was made by them for organization of pure knowledge.

Let us concentrate upon the nature of space around us. We can see that straight line is a track of a moving point while plane is a track of a moving (straight) line. Likewise, moving plane shall be creating solid space. More precisely, if we investigate this phenomenon with the help of a point, interval, square and cube, we shall be noticing that moving point accepts line as its track, moving interval accepts square as its track and moving square accepts cube as its track. This would pose a question: What is the nature of the track of moving cube/solid /3-space body/ 3-space setup or in the general, 3-space it self ?

HYPERCUBES 4, 5, & 6:

To answer the same let us mathematize this situation as:

Taking point as a representative regular body of 0 space, interval, square and cube respectively as representative regular bodies of 1, 2 & 3 space, we may conclude that moving 0-space (body) accepts 1-space format, moving 1-space (body) accepts 2-space format; moving 2-space body accepts 3-space format, and as a logical consequence the moving 3-space body shall be requiring 4-space format. And in general, moving n-space body shall be requiring (n+1) space format. For convenient handling.

We may define and designate four and higher dimensional bodies in continuation of interval, square and cube as hypercubes. To be precise hypercube 4 shall be a representative regular body of 5-space and so on. Further to facilitate comprehension of main properties of hypercube and for symbolic representation of the set of properties synthesizing hypercube it would be desirable to have suitable symbols for them, particularly for hypercube 4, 5 and 6 for reaching at the concepts and comprehension of multi – dimensional space time frame being availed for organization of the knowledge of Manasara.

Let these 3 special symbols of hypercube 4, 5 & 6 be as:

To have these symbols in continuity of the geometric setup of interval, square and cube, we have to first comprehend these geometric setups. As such, let us have a close look at the geometric setup of interval, square and cube. If we have close look at the geometric setup of interval, square and cube, we may comprehend that interval has length (A1) and 2 boundary points (2A0)

Square has area (A2) and 4 boundary line (4A1) and cube has volume A3and 6 boundary surfaces (6A2).

A1:2A0, A2:4A1 and A3.6A2 suggest a common formulation An.2nAn-1, n=1, 2, 3.

This formulation would hold for all values of n. In particular, for n=4 5 & 6 we shall be getting A4:8A3, A5:10A4 and A6:12A5. The geometric message is that boundary of 4-space body is constituted by 8 cubes while the boundary of 5-space body is constituted by 10 hypercubes-4 and so on.

The boundary components of interval, square, cube and hypercubes 4, 5 & 6 are in the ratio 2:4:6:8:12.This would help us comprehend, appreciate and have the symbols of hypercube 4, 5 & 6 in continuity of and in that sequential order, hypercube 4, 5 & 6 with boundaries as:


Further it would help us comprehend and appreciate the Upanishad knowledge regarding the Shadchakra format of human body as that:

Here are being taken up the external structural characteristics (of shad chakras format of Human body) These with respect to the chakras (second to six) which are ahead of the tip of the nose (first chakra with two characteristics) are four, six, eight ten and twelve respectively, and in that order.


(Advet-tarko Upanishad)

 The message of great importance is that Vedic Comprehension of human body is of Shadchakra format which runs parallel to the geometric formats of representative bodies of first six spaces and hence this makes Purusha, the being of 6-space.

This will help us comprehend and appreciate the Vedic tradition which accepts Vedic Richas / Mantras as impulses of one’s own consciousness. Here there is another aspect of our existence phenomenon. One breaths 21600 times a day. Equally one would breath 21600 times during night. This makes day and night breathings as of 43200 units. Now those who do Pranayam (deep berating) 10 times deep than the normal breathing, they shall be breathing whole length of Rigved of 432000 syllables. That is, one breaths, lives and attains consciousness of the order of Rigved every day and nigh of his existence.

 Lord Brahama, Lord Shiv and Lord Vishnu together are known as Trinity of Gods. Studies into mathematical basis of the knowledge of Trinity of Gods preserved in the available Vedic Literature show a complete parallelism between four heads of Lord Brahma and four dimensions of 4-space; five heads of Lord Shiv and five dimensions of 5-space; and six heads of incarnations of Lord Vishnu and six dimensions of 6-space. The detailed studies of idols of Trinity of Gods further take us to their geometric formats respectively being of hypercube 4, 5 & 6…

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