November 29, 2023

Vedas and Vedic Knowledge – 3

Dimensions and Space (Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva Loka) 

Since our school mathematics, we draw three axes as depicted below as three dimensions of three dimensional frame of three dimensional space.

The message is that we are accepting line as a dimension of 3-space and as such three lines together constitute a three dimensional frame. This in fact is a particular case of general rule that (n-2) space plays the role of dimension of n-space. In modern mathematics as well mental constructs of higher dimensional spaces have been speculated but their dimension always remains a line i.e. 1-space. Obviously this concept is bound to recoil as it would make dimension and space indistinguishable at least in 1-space where 1-space is to be accepted as its own dimension.

On the contrary, the rule of difference of space and its dimension as being of two units is well preserved in Ramayana as well as in Mahrabharatam. The narrations are that when the Arm of Lord Rama chased Kag-Bhushandi a difference remained only of two Anguls till Brahman-lok. Likewise when Mother Yashoda tried to tie child Krishna, She found that every string was short by two Anguls.

The great message is that the ‘measures’ for the measuring rod are bound to be of two units less. The Manasara, the scripture of Sathapatyaupved of Atharvved, accordingly accepts Lord Vishnu (six heads lord) as lord of measuring rod and Lord Brahma (four heads lord) as lord of measure. In geometric language it means that 4-space plays the role of dimension of 6-space.

Mythologically manifestations as idols, accepts head of the idol as format of dimension and eyes of the head together to synthesize a dimensional frame for the dimension.


We may tabulate the following parallelism between the manifested idols of Trinity of Gods and the geometric set ups of hypercubes 4, 5 & 6 as geometric formats.



Representative Geometric body


Number of heads Number of dimensions of head


Head Dimension of the space


Number of eyes in the head Dimensional frame for the dimensions


Lotus (of 8 petals) Hypercube-4


Lotus Four space


Lotus seat Hypercube-4 as domain


Lotus feet Hypercube-4 as boundary


Lotus eye Hypercube-4 as dimension


Upanishads and Purans particularly Sri Sri Brahmpuran, Shivpuran and Vishnupuran enlighten us about Trinity of Gods as:

Lord Brahma :

Lord Brahma is a four heads lord with two eyes in His each head. He sits majestically on a lotus seat of eight petals. He meditates on His lord (Lord Shiv) in heart and transcends to Shivlok where He multiplies Himself as ten Brahmas of four heads each.

The geometric message of the enlightenment can be decoded in terms of the following complete parallelism between the idol of Lord Brahma and geometric setup of Hypercube-4.


Idol of Lord Brahma

Geometrical set up of hypercube-4


Four heads Four dimensions


Two eyes Spatial dimensions 2-space as dimension of 4-space


Eight petals Eight solid boundary components (A4:8A3)


Heart Origin / Centre


Lord of Lord Brahma 5-space as origin of 4-space


Ten Brahmas 10 hypercubes-4 as boundary of hypercube-5 (A5:10A4)

(Dr. Dharmesh Shukla has worked out the details in his doctoral thesis titled “Some properties of real 4-space in the light of Vedic knowledge accepted (1994) by H.N. Bahuguna University, Uttar Pradesh).

Lord Shiv :

Lord Shiv is a five heads lord with three eyes in His each head. He has ten beautiful arms. Sri Sri Shiv Mahanpuran enlightens us that Hanumanji is incarnation of Lord Shiv. Ramayana enlightens us that Lord Rama, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, resides in the heart of Hanumanji.

The geometric message of this enlightenment can be decoded in terms of the following complete parallelism between the idol of Lord Shiv and geometric setup of Hypercubes-5.


Idol of Lord Shiv

Geometrical set up of hypercube-5


Five heads Five dimensions


Three eyes Solid dimensions / 3-space as dimension of 5-space


Ten arms Ten hypersolid boundary components (A5:10A4)


Heart Origin / Centre


Lord of Lord Shiv 6-space as origin of 5-space


Dwadas Adityas 12 hypercubes-5 as (12 Suns) boundary of hypercube-6 (A6:12A5)

The Thesis of Sh. Bidyadhar Panda titled “Some Properties of real five space in the light of Vedic knowledge works out the details of geometric setup of hypercube 5 and real 5 space of Vedic Comprehension and establishes Sri Sri Shiv Mahapuran as text book of real 5 space.

These two thesis deserve to be published for research scholars.


In the light of the above, if we may have a fresh look at the geometric set up of a cube. We shall be noticing that the 3-space content/lump manifesting as “volume” of the cube is wrapped within 2-space surface (2-space content/sheets). Further, we know that this is the organization which admits linear dimensional order i.e. 1-space in the role of dimension. Now, if we concentrate upon the center of the cube, we shall be noticing that 8 sub-cube are synthesized as a cube. We may view center of the cube as being wrapped within 8 cubes. This is parallel to the cut of 3-space by dimensional frame into 8 octants. As such, the formulation A4:8A3 of hypercube-4 being availed by Lord Brahma to manifest as an idol would help us comprehend that at center of the cube like at the origin of the 3 dimensional frame is sealed 4-space.

manifestation layers

The origin/center, the domain/volume, the boundary/ surface and linear dimension of cube are four distinct folds of four distinct spaces which together synthesis and manifest geometric setup of a cube. Therefore, the great geometric message is that our physical work/3-space/cube/macro world is the first manifestation layer with 1-space playing the role of dimension, 2 -pace playing the role of boundary, 3-space playing the role of domain and 4-space playing the role of origin.

Likewise, the world of Lord Brahma i.e. the real 4-space, is the micro world manifestation layer of second order as 2-space plays the role of dimension, 3-space plays the role of boundary, 4-space plays the role of domain and 5-space plays the role of origin. In general, the manifestation layer of order n shall be accepting n-space in the role of dimension and (n+3) space in the role of origin.

The Lord Brahma, the Creator of Supreme, creates reality as manifestation layer of 4 consecutive spaces synthesizing together. This creation accepts origin in a sealed state. It is a dormant state. The transcendence from one manifestation layer to another manifestation layer requires unlocking of the seal of origin fold.

This as such becomes possible only on 5-space format. Therefore, Lord Shiv, the transformer the Supreme, is the Lord of transcendence. Accordingly, in Shivlok exists vibrant synthetic setup of 5 folds where transcendence from manifestation layer to another manifestation layer becomes possible.

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