November 29, 2023

Vedas and Vedic Knowledge – 4

ShrimadBhagwadGita  || Vedas and Dimensions


Vedic Model of vibrant synthetic reality of 5-space format is a multi-dimensional format of space and time. It takes account of transcendence through manifestation layers as flux of time. The transition from spatial dimensional order to the solid dimensional order is worked out as a flux of time of 4-space reality which takes us to 5-space reality. In concrete terms, the dimensional order of manifested world being spatial, it attains transition in terms of solid dimensional order of time, being of solid dimensional order. The time flux crystallizes as a tri-monad i.e. the dimensional constituent i.e. monads as of three parts. This tri-monad format of time when supplied to the manifested bodies of the manifestation layers, it works out (2n+1) versions of the manifested bodies. In geometric language, it simply means that the interval, square, cube and hypercube, as representative regular bodies of the respective dimensional space, in the roles of domain fold of respective manifestation layers, shall be accepting (2n+1) versions or in other words, (2n+1) geometries.

Illustratively for n=1, we shall be having 3 geometries of 1-space or in other words, we shall be having 3 versions of an interval designated as close interval, half-open interval and open interval. These versions of intervals are having common domain (length) and they differ only in terms of the boundary components (points). Close interval accepts 2 boundary points, while half-open interval accepts one boundary component and open interval is devoid of both the boundary points. For n=2, we shall be having 5 geometries of 2-space or in other words, we shall be having 5 version of a square in terms, of 4, 3, 2, 1 & 0 boundary lines and for n=3, we shall be having 7 geometries / versions of 3 space / cube in terms of 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 surface plates and so on.

In 3-space, we shall be having 1-space as dimension. The flux of time would be of spatial order. 2-space admits 5 geometries. The 3 dimensions plus 5 versions would give us 3+5=8 order. In terms of it, we shall be attaining 8 = 2×4 i.e. 4 spatial dimensions which shall be constituting dimensional order of 4-space. This is how the spatial time flux shall be working out transition from linear dimensional order / space i.e. 3-space to spatial dimensional order / space i.e. 4-space. Likewise, in 4-space, we shall be having 2-space as dimension and 3-space as flux of time. 3-space admits 7 versions.

The dimensional order of 3-space admits 7 versions. The dimensional order of 4-space would yield 2×4 order. This 2×4 order plus 7 versions shall be yielding 8+7 = 15 order. In terms of it we shall be attaining 15=3×5 i.e. 5 solid dimensions which shall be constituting dimensional order of 5-space. This is how the solid time flux shall be working out transition from spatial dimensional order space i.e. 4-space to solid dimensional order space i.e. 5-space.

Therefore for proper appreciation of vibrant synthetic reality of Vedic comprehension, we have to work out the Vedic Knowledge, the Vedic way. The geometric continuum is at play around us. The organizational format of Srimad Bhagwad Gita, the eternal song of Lord Krishna, makes complete use of real 6-space. This may be depicted as study-zone of Srimad Bhagwad Gita as under :

The organization of Manasara runs parallel to the study zone of Srimad Bhagwad Gita. This also runs parallel to the Shad Chakra format of Human body. The organizational format of nucleus of the nucleus as well avails this zone where Jyoti flows from core of the sun into the core of the Sanatana base as 7 streams. This flow is channelised on Om Formulation of 4 components as a Divya Ganga flow. This is a complete discipline in itself. At present we may not be in a position to enter into the details of this Vedic discipline of channelization into the Sanatana base but it may not be out of context to make a mention that advanced students of Vedic Science and Technology have to learn about it.



Opening Prayer of Lord Brahma

He (Brahma), while causing the creation, the preservation, and the destruction of the worlds, brings forth earth, water, fire, air, and the sky. I bow to (His) lotus-like feet kissed by the waving lines of bee-like crowns of the kings of various gods. (Manasara Chapter-1 Shaloka 2)

Chapter LXX : The Chiseling of the Eye

1-2 the chiseling of the eye of the (idols of the ) gods, goddesses, and devotees, and the purification (cleansing) of the phalli (of Shiva) will be described in order of the subject.

3-96 …………….

97. The Chief architect should show (to the idol) the Mudra signs (with his hands as the concluding ceremony) amidst music and songs.

98-111 The circumambulation of the village by the idol.

98.Thus is described the chiseling of the eye. After this should be (performed) the circumambulation of the village (by the idol).

99-114 ………..

115-118. This great science (of architecture) was at first revealed by Brahma, Indra, and all other gods: It is from their statements that this Manasara (the essence of measurement) has been complied as a guide book (for the architects ) for the benefit of the people.

Thus in the Manasara, the science of architecture, the seventieth chapter, entitled.

The description of the chiseling of the eye (of image). The Manasara is complete.


Lord Shiv is the overlord of real 5-space. Sri Sri Shiv Mahapuran is a text book of real 5-space. The organizational format of Sri Sri Shiv Mahanpuran is the organizational format of real 5-space. The scripture is organized as Samhitas parallel to 7 dimensions of 7-space.

5-space plays the role of dimension of 7-space and as such each of the 7 Samhitas of Sri Sri Shiv Mahanpuran enlightens us about one or the other aspect of the knowledge of real 5-space in the role of dimension.

These 7 Samhitas are organized as 12 parts. This is parallel to 12 boundary components of real 6-space. Each boundary component of real 6-space is a 5-space set up. Therefore, these 12 parts are the organisation of 7 Samhitas of Sri Sri Shiv Mahapuran as boundary of 6-space.

The 7 Samhitas of Sri Sri Mahapuran consisting of 12 parts are further organised as chapters and chapters are further organised as Shlokas. These organisations accept formats of real 5-space. The knowledge content of each chapter and the orgnizational format of each chapter work out one or other aspect of real 5-space.

The first chapter of first Samhita of Sri Sri Shiv Mahapuran posses a question as (that): What is the shortest way to salvation? And the great Rishi remembers Lord Shiv and gets prepared for answering the same. This that way would help us comprehend and appreciate that the question being posed and the answer which is going to follow is to be about Lord Shiv.

The manifestation which is being talked to be transcended through is the manifestation of real 4-space. As such the first chapter of the first Samhlta takes us to the format of hypercube-4 with a sealed origin. The great concern being shown by the sages (Munis) to the great Rishi is about the spatial nature of the setup of 4-space and the question being raised is how this manifestation can be transcended through.

Naturally, the great Rishi concentrates upon the origin and prepares for answering the question by remembering Lord Shiv. Who is the overlord or real 5-space playing the role of origin and remaining in dormant state in the sealed origin. Therefore, content-wise, Shi Sri Shiv Mahapuran beings with the geometric format of hypercube-4 with sealed origin. Likewise, the Manasara opens with the prayer to Lord Brahama and ends with the chiseling of an eye with which the seal of the origin would be unlocked and transcendence would take place and the 5-space coming into play and 4-space content resoling back to the boundary of 5-space.

The knowledge content of Sri Sri Shiv Mahapuran deserves to be imbibed by all the students of mathematics, science and technology of Vedic Order. Sri Sri Shiv Mahapuran is a complete course in itself and it may not be possible to go into details at present.

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