November 28, 2023

Mechanism of Aura

Aura is person’s spiritual signature. Advanced spiritual persons have an intense ambient aura. Its vibrations spread in the vicinity and enrich the surrounding environment with spiritual power. This is the reason we feel immensely happy, solaced and blessed in such environment. Every individual has an aura but its intensity and radiation differ according to the spiritual elevation of a person.

Mechanism of Aura

Aura around humans is invisible and it emanates through various parts of the body. Every person oozes these radiations – some with low intensity and some with high. These radiations cannot be seen. They can only be experienced. These rays are very bright and intense in a pure hearted and spiritually advanced person. Saints and sages look so magnetic and impressive due to their auras.

Nowadays it is possible to view the aura with the help of scientific instruments. According to scientists of International Association of Photo-Geo-Morphologists, the radiations oozing through the body, mainly from face and head, can be captured in the satellite camera. These are electromagnetic radiations spanning from microwave to infrared to UV light. These cannot be seen with naked eyes but with modern satellite cameras the spectrum from UV to Infrared can be captured. They can even tell how any people are staying in a house. If a person’s ‘Energy Spectrum Image’ is available on a computer, identifying and locating that person anywhere in the world through satellite cameras is possible; even if the person is underground. For this most important is the digital availability of the Energy Spectrum Image.

Identification of an aura image can be very helpful for society. Identification of criminals in Police Stations, near Bank ATMs and other sensitive and high-risk areas would be possible. At present commercial American satellites can trace an object as small as 61 cms in circumference anywhere on the earth. ISRO has also made available the photographs of all small villages, towns, rivers, water bodies etc. Photographs of smaller objects are available only to security forces and special services. There will be lot of opportunities for research on aura energy in future.

It has been found that some special body parts have more intense aura around them. These body parts are: eyes, face, reproductory organs, finger-tips, toe-tips and top-knot of the head ( Shikha sthan ). The aura energy dissipates through these parts very rapidly. More research is going on in this area. Indian saints have done lot of research on this. The reason behind touching someone’s feet and blessing someone with hands is the transfer of this invisible aura energy. The blessing (in the form of energy) dissipates through hands and reaches the right person. When a person touches someone’s feet an electric connection takes place and the energy flows from the person’s feet to the seeker’s hands. There is a side effect to this too. If you touch the feet of a person with evil impressions, these impressions transmit through hands to the seeker. This is the reason why it is enjoined to touch feet of saints so that our bad habits get destroyed due to the energy of the saint’s tapa . A Sadhak is therefore advised not to bless anyone.

Eyes emanate a lot of aura energy. When you can look deep into the eyes of another person you may assess his real situation. Energy gets dissipated while looking directly into another person’s eyes. Sadhaks should be very careful regarding this. They are asked not to look into women’s eyes while talking so that the energy they gained through tapa doesn’t get dissipated via this door. During sadhana they are asked to tie lock of hair around shikha sthan Rishisbelieved that cosmic energy can locate shikha sthan . When the knot is tied with the mantra, it acts as a valve. It lets the cosmic energy to enter in the body but doesn’t let this energy go back into space. If the locks are not tied, the energy gets lost.

Very quick dissipation of the aura energy happens through reproductory organs in the physical body. There is maximum energy flow during intercourse. Apart from this, contacts with people who have Taamsik behavior, or who eat taamsik food, take liquor, go to bars or any place which activates wrong behavior weakens the aura spectrum of a person. If a person goes to temple, naturally beautiful places, reads good books and listens to the saintly discourses, and does saadhna , his aura intensity increases. Everyone can increase aura energy. Positive and pure thinking amplifies this energy which in turn ennobles and reforms personality. Hence let us always think positive and have goodwill and love for others and make our aura soothing and luminous.

 Source:- Akhand Jyoti: Nov-Dec, 2008

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