November 28, 2023

Healing by mantras is an important aspect of the science of occultism. It can provide healing even in incurable-looking diseases, remedy personality disorders and enable one to overcome the greatest of difficulties. The impossible becomes possible; the unachievable is made achievable. The true adepts in the theory and practice of this science are capable of yoking the powers of nature favorably and positively modifying the course of destiny.

What is mantra? The literal answer is “mananat trayate iti mantra” i.e. that whose contemplation gives succor is mantra. It is a unique and potent combination of syllables, which is capable of stirring and illuminating the subliminal world of consciousness. Many define mantra as an uplifting, energy-charged sublimated thought current. For example, Gayatri Mahamantra is the most sacred and sublime thought in the whole creation. In it, prayer has been made to the Divine symbolized as Sun on behalf of whole of humanity for the gifts of righteousness and enlightened intelligence. But the intellectual understanding of the meaning of mantra, although good, is not in itself sufficient to make it efficacious. It does not encompass all the variegated dimensions of a mantra. A mantra may have a meaning, or it may not have one. It may be sublime thought, or it may not be. Many times, the arrangement of its syllables is such as to give out a meaning, while at other times, this construction is so haphazard that no intelligible meaning can be made out of it.

As a matter of fact, a mantra is not created with any specific meaning or thought in mind. Its sole purpose is to devise a method for accessing, attracting and absorbing a specific current of the cosmic energy and its purposeful harnessing. Whatever be the mantra –vedic, puranic or tantric – its mechanism is the same. It would be apposite here to also keep in mind that creation or construction of a mantra is not an intellectual process. However talented or brilliant a person may be, he cannot create mantras. It is the job of only the rishis and seers, whose divine vision is capable of peeping into the subtlest realms.

These adept sadhaks, through their sadhana, see the specific currents of the cosmic energy whose presiding deities, called gods or goddesses, make them manifest. The configuration of the mantra is revealed in the sadhaks inner consciousness as a reflection of this manifestation. We may call it the word-image of the energy current or devashakti (deity-power). In mantra vidya (science), it is called the seed mantra of a particular devashakti. Which aspect and for which purpose this energy-mode of the devashakti has to be captured and borne determines the development of other mantras of this particular deity. That is why, there can be many mantras of a particular god or goddess. Each one of these mantras is capable of fulfilling the specific purpose associated with it.

The methodology of a mantras functioning is novel. As the specific phase of its sadhana is completed, it connects the sadhaks inner consciousness with the specific cosmic energy current or devashakti. But this is one aspect of its function. In its other aspect, it simultaneously makes the sadhak qualified and fit to receive this special power. By mantra – sadhana, certain secret recesses or zones of the sadhaks interior become activated, and he becomes capable of receiving, bearing and harnessing those subtle energies. Only then the mantra is said to have become siddha (accomplished or mastered).

This mantrasiddhi does not come by mere rote chanting or mechanical repetition. This explains why a good many persons even after years of sadhana of a mantra have to meet with a disappointment. Either they get no result at all or only partial and negligible result. The fault lies not with mantra ibut with sadhak. It is important to bear in mind that any mantra-sadhana requires the sadhak to attune his life to the peculiar nature of the mantra. Apart from strict observance of the rules of the mantra-sadhana, he is also required to to conform his diet and dress, speech and conduct to temperament and nature of the deity.

If everything is performed correctly, siddhi of the mantra is inevitable. Mantra-siddhi means energies of the Mantra becoming active in the arena of sadhak’s inner consciousness. This condition may be roughly likened to a hard working farmer digging a long canal and bringing the waters of a great river to his fields. Just as completion of the canal leads to his whole agricultural lands being permanently irrigated and saturated with waves of water, even so, after Siddhi of the Mantra the energy flow of Devshakti keeps gushing and pouring every moment into the inner consciousness of the sadhak. He can employ this force according to his resolve. 

– Pt. Shree Ram Sharma “Acharya”

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