Maharshi Vishwamitra’s Super Experiment of Savitri

Maharshi Vishwamitra

Vedic seer of scientific spirituality, Rishi Vishwamitra, was engrossed in a very special and super experiment those days. For last few years he had completely gone into seclusion. He had almost stopped speaking as well. He would use his voice only for very essential recitation of mantras on only some especially important occasions; for all other needs he would simply make do with gestures and signs. With the warmth and energy of the super-experiment that he was conducting, every bit and particle of the ashram had begun to glow and effuse the same. Maharshi Vishwamitra had spent his entire life in conducting innumerable spiritual experiments of sadhana and tapa. The sixty-two suktas of the third mandal of Rig Veda are the testimonies of these experiments. The tenth mantra of the sixty second sukta of the third mandal of Rig Veda is very renowned Gayatri Mahamantra. With this Gayatri mantra, its seer Vishwamitra, who was a superbly evolved sage with great supernatural powers, and who had a perfect understanding of subtleties of more than a thousand different sadhanas of this mantra, had earned a very wide recognition and fame. 

Maharshi Vishwamitra

But to him what was dear was service to society and not fame and recognition. Only because he had completely dedicated himself to activities beneficial for the world, he had heard the name of Vishwamitra (meaning friend of the world). Earlier he used to be the mighty – King Vishwarath, but since the time he realized the grandeur of spiritual energy and prowess attained by through spiritual disciplines during his association with Brahmarshi Vasishtha, he renounced his kingdom and all his worldly responsibilities and devoted himself to spiritual experiments. Now even Brahmarshi Vasishtha would not tire of singing paeans of his great penance and social service. That is why he had encouraged and persuaded King Dashrath to send Sri Ram and Lakshman in the service of Maharshi Vishwamitra. At that time too Maharshi Vishwamitra was conducting some important experiments, but that several years ago. Now King Dashrath was no more. Sri Ram with his wife Mata Sita and brother Lakshman was living in Chitrakut forest. Brahmarshi Vasishtha was giving protection and guidance to Prince Bharat in Ayodhya.

Here Rishi Vishwamitra had initiated a novel experiment in his famous ashram. Before launching the experiment he had called upon his disciple Jabali, son Madhuchchhanda, and grand son Jeta and Aghamarshan and told them that challenges they were facing now very much more daunting and serious than the earlier ones. The focus was no more on terror perpetrated by the likes of Marich, Subahu and Tadka (demons who had been killed by Ram-Lakshman under the guidance of Vishwamitra earlier) or the protection and security of particular region, but that the existence of the whole world was in danger this time. All the demonic powers were carrying out deadly and destructive experiments everywhere. All of them needed to be defeated together. Not only that to create the right circumstances for ushering in Satyug in future, large-scale changes will have to be brought about in the entire animate and inanimate Nature. This would happen only when kundalini (the dormant vitality) of the entire world got awakened. 

“Awakening of world kundalini” – these words amazed and excited not only young Jeta and Aghamashan but also the more matured Maduchchhanda and Jabali. Both of them had intimately associated with Maharshi in all his experiments over a very long time. Maharshi disregarded their wonder and excitement and contributed, “For this we need to agitate, stir up and alter using the power of the sun, kundalini of the earth which exists in the form of geomagnetic flows between its North and South poles. What is essential for this is collecting and harnessing of huge amounts of Sun’s subtle power and then channelizing and transmitting it. This is an extremely difficult task but not impossible. For this purpose, I will use Savitri aspect of this great science of Gayatri.”

“That would mean a coordinated use of the left oriented Brahmastra, Brahmashiras and Pashupat of Gayatri and may be much more than that…!” – This thought arose in minds of Jabali and Madhuchchhanda almost simultaneously. Their thought vibrations touched somewhere the inner consciousness of the Maharshi. He spoke,”You are right. For protection of the entire creation I shall definitely launch this greatest scientific experiment. All the bases for harmonizing inner consciousness with Sun’s consciousness would be created by this only. Savitri is universal. It would cast its influence over the entire world and over all the living beings. This would diminish the Tamsik element and enhance the Sattwic element everywhere in the world. This would result in pleasant changes in the inner beings of all creatures as well as the environment. Destructive powers would be destroyed and creative powers would be reinvigorated.”

“What will we have to do, O Great One?” asked all those present to ascertain their duties. In reply Maharshi said,”You will have to perform your duties with great resolve in these difficult times. Jabali will act as my personal assistant for this tough task. Madhuchchhanda would maintain subtle contact with Brahmarshi Vasishtha who is doing tapa at Ayodhya, with Brahmarshi Atri who is doing tapa at Chitrakut and with Maharshi Agastya who is performing his deep penance at Vedpuri in far south, and would keep providing me with their guidance and indications from time to time. Brahmarshi Vasishtha is currently preparing a group of 100 great sadhaks who would facilitate in the world the descent of the atmosphere of Satyug and Savitri power. Brahmarshi Atri, who is at Chitrakut, has responsibility to make Sri Ram, Sita and Lakshman capable of holding and assimilating the great power of this experiment. The next person in this sequence is Maharshi Agastya who would create several extraordinary and divine weapons using the power generated by Savitri experiment and provide them to Sri Ram at appropriate time. All these activities will be carried out at the same level simultaneously. Though we all will be with each other at the level of consciousness, but due to our involvement in our individual experiments, once in a while this contact may get lost. So Madhuchchhanda will have to be ready to maintain this contact. Jeta and Aghamarshan will support their father in this task. My divine vision tells me that this great sadhana of Savitri would definitely become successful and the circumstances of Satyug would be created and propagated on the earth.”

History is testimony that due to this super-experiment of Savitri, Kingdom of Sri Ram could get established and the rule of Age of Truth could be ushered in.

Source:- Pioneers of Scientific Spirituality : Dr. Pranav Pandya 

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