November 28, 2023

The Serpent Force: The Spiral form of Universal Energy

Cosmic Consciousness

Man’s physical, astral, and causal bodies are tied together and work as one by a knotting of life force and consciousness in the seven cerebrospinal centers. In descending order, the final tie is a coiled knot at the base of the spine, preventing the ascension of consciousness into the heavenly astral kingdom. Unless one knows how to open this knot of astral and physical power, the life and consciousness remain attracted to the mortal realm, emanating outward into the body and sensory consciousness.

Cosmic Consciousness
Cosmic Consciousness

Most energy moves through space in spiral form- a ubiquitous motif in the macrocosmic architecture of the universe. Beginning with galactic nebulae- the cosmic birth-cradle of all matter- energy flows in coiled or circular or vortex-like patterns. The theme is repeated in the orbital dance of electrons around their atomic nucleus, and (as cited in Hindu scriptures of ancient origin) of planets and suns and stellar systems spinning through space around a grand centre of the universe. Many galaxies are spiral-shaped; and countless other phenomena in nature- planets, animals, the winds and storms- similarly evidence the invisible whorls of energy underlying their shape and structure. Such is the “serpent force” (kundalini) in the microcosm of the human body: the coiled current at the base of the spine, a tremendous dynamo of life that when directed outward sustains the physical body and its sensory consciousness; and when consciously directed upward, opens the wonders of the astral cerebrospinal centres.

N.B- [In 1953, scientists discovered that DNA, the basic molecule of life, is also constructed in a helical shape. The deep seeing Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci (1170AD-1250AD) perceived that countless patterns in nature conform to a spiral shape mathematically expressed as a logarithm deriving from the so called Fibonacci numbers (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, etc.), where each number is the sum of two preceding in the series. This exact spiral appears in such seemingly disparate manifestations as pattern of petals in sunflowers blossoms and of leaves in pineapples, artichokes, and many trees; the progressive volume of chambers in a nautilus seashells; the light-years wide sweep of spiral galaxies.

Philosophers down the centuries have inferred the intelligence of a Divine Architect from the fact that the further one progresses in the Fibonacci series, the closer the terms come to expressing “the golden mean” or “golden ratio” (1:1.618033989) and its derivative “golden rectangle” and “golden spiral” – a “sacred geometry” observable throughout nature. In Atomic Vortex Theorem of Energy Motion, quantum physicist Derek Bond discusses the theory that all energy expresses in a vortex pattern: “This is evidenced to us constantly from the largest things, such as our spiral galaxies and very curve of space-time itself, to the very smallest as evidenced by miniature atomic vortices created by atomic particles. The vortical flow in particles’ atomic path vortices, as imaged by CERN 3.7 meter bubble chamber, when measured, is in accordance with ratio of 1:1.618033989. This ratio is never-ending decimal and is a perfect pattern for infinite flows in time/space. This ratio will repeat the same proportion infinitely. Many spiral galaxies’ arms and these atomic particle paths make a perfect match with the ‘golden ratio’ and prove that these particles are travelling in infinite flows.”

The golden ratio is considered to be the basis of harmony and beauty of form in classical art, architecture, and design- identified as such by (among many others) Pythagoras, Plato, Leonardo da Vinci, and the builders of the Great Pyramids at Giza.]

When the soul, in subtle sheaths of causal and astral bodies, enters physical incarnation at time of conception, the entire body grows from the seed cell formed from the united sperm and ovum, beginning with the first vestiges of the medulla oblongata, brain, and spinal cord.

From its original seats in the medulla, the intelligent life energy of the astral body flows downward- activating the specialized powers in the astral cerebrospinal chakras that create and give life to the physical spine, nervous system, and all other bodily organs. When the work of the primal life force in creating the body is complete, it comes to rest in a coiled passage in the lowest, or coccygeal, centre. The coiled configuration in this astral centre gives to the life energy therein the terminology of kundalini or serpent force (from Sanskrit word kundala, “coiled”). Its creative work completed, the concentration of life force in this centre is said to be “sleeping” kundalini, for as it emanates outward into the body, continuously enlivening the physical region of the senses- of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch and of the earthbound physical creative force of sex- it causes the consciousness to become strongly identified with the delusive dreams of the senses and their domain of activity and desires.

The Hindu Yogis, all knew the secret of scientific spiritual life. They unanimously demonstrated that every person who is yet physically minded must master the art of lifting up the serpent force from sensory body consciousness in order to accomplish the first retracing of the inward steps toward Spirit.

Any saint of any religion who has attained God-consciousness has, in effect, withdrawn his consciousness and life force from the sense regions up through the spinal passage and plexuses to the centre of God-consciousness in the brain, and thence into omnipresent Spirit.

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