Vedanta (Upanishad) and Quantum Physics-1

One among the biggest problem of Physics today

Our body is made of atoms. In turn, these atoms are made of particles called electrons and quarks. Here’s the weird bit — inherently, these electrons and quarks have no mass. But when they interact with the Higgs field, they get mass.

The Higgs field, it creates the property we call ‘mass’. A Nobel Prize was won for proving this. The Higgs field permeates all of space — and it’s loaded with energy.

Each cubic metre of the Higgs field (and therefore, of space) carries the amount of energy emitted by the Sun in 1,000 years. That’s a huge amount of energy. But our theories tell us that the Higgs field should be much stronger — about 10,000 trillion times stronger. (If you want to read up more, look up the hierarchy problem.


ते … अपश्यन्देवात्मशक्तिं स्वगुणैर्निगूढाम् ।

-श्वेताश्वतर उपनिषद् 1:3

All phenomenal existence resolves itself into Force, into a movement of energy that assumes more or less material, more or less gross or subtle forms for self presentation to its own experience.

In the ancient images by which human thought attempted to make this origin and law of being intelligible and real to itself, this infinite existence of Force was figured as a sea (निश्चेतन समुद्र), initially at rest and therefore free from forms, but the first disturbance, the first initiation of movement necessitates the creation of forms and is the seed of a universe…
The problem is yet unresolved…

To be contd..!

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